How to Crack My iPhone Passcode?

Apple’s iPhones are an icon of the American innovation engine. They represent the style, simplicity and creativity of its owners. iPhones were also the first phones to implement a series of protection methods to ensure your data is safe in case you lose them.

But what if you simply forgot your passcode?

Is there any way to get back into your phone without destroying the data inside or running through hoops with Apple?

There could be one.

At present, iPhone allows you to try passcodes for 10 times. The phone’s owner can set it up so that if more than 10 attempts are made, the phone will be automatically erased.

So, if you have a bad memory, first disable this erase facility.

There are several ways to get beyond the passcodes.

Warning: Trying to bypass the security on someone’s phone without their permission is against the law and may land you in serious trouble.

Restore: If you don’t recall your passcode, you can restore the phone by wiping your personal information. Assuming you have a backup on, all your information is stored in the cloud so you won’t lose anything. If you try to restore via iTunes, it will ask you for a passcode.

So instead, try the Recovery mode. This way, you can wipe the phone clean and start fresh. But to do this, you will need the Apple id and password used to set up the phone on its first run.

Here is how to do it.

1.) Make sure your device has at least 20% charge

2.) Shutdown iTunes and connect iPhone to PC or Mac.

3.) Force Restart the iPhone by holding home and power button at the same time. If you are on iPhone 7, hold Volume down and side button together. In case you are on iPhone 8 and above, press and release Volume up, Volume down and then the hold the side button. If it is done correctly, you will see the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen on your phone.

4.) Choose either Restore or Update. Restore will take a lot longer becauseĀ it will first download all the possible updates, wipe your phone and then instal a clean copy. Both options will give the same end result.

5.) Your phone will be empty of any personal information and free of a passcode. It will ask you to enter your first Apple id and password and voila, you are ready.


There are several software applications that also claim to be able to bypass the passcode. But with the recent updates that Apple has sent to its iPhones, most of them will not work.

There was a case where the FBI got a court order to force Apple to crack a passcode and Apple took time to comply. It is said the FBI found a Third party firm to hack through the passcode successfully. But they never shared the name of the agency. According to Apple, the recent security measures are so strong that even they will not be able to break into the phone.

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