乐动体育女足世界杯_郜林发文告别恒大 http://mindtechcom.com European Cleaning Journal recent articles, as featured in the magazine editions en LDDD乐动体育官方_魔兽世界怀旧服 乐动体育南安普顿Following teen-activist Greta Thunberg’s campaign ‘Friday’s for Future’ and her recent Global Climate Strikes supported by over seven million young people, Mark Jankovich, philanthropist and activist writes for ECJ about the launch of a new Recycled Plastic Rating (RPR), mark that he hopes will increasingly be seen on plastic packaging, and how the cleaning industry can help take a stand against single-use plastics.

乐动体育南安普顿It’s staggering, and sobering, to realise the damage plastic is doing to our planet.  Three hundred million tons of plastic are produced annually  and eight million tons of plastic (a dump truck a minute) ends up in our oceans each year. Of those, 236,000 tons are micro plastics  – tiny pieces of broken-down plastic smaller than a little fingernail. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be 12 billion tons of plastic polluting the natural environment and more plastic in oceans than there are fish (by weight) .

In February 2019 the UK government joined forces with major global brands and a number of European countries to agree a National Pact on plastic packaging.  The National Pact not only sets a target that seeks to deliver 30 per cent recycled content in all plastic packaging by 2022, but also looks to ban the use of EPS by 2022 (otherwise known as expanded polystyrene) which takes thousands of years to break down in food containers and single use cups.

乐动体育南安普顿Both France and the UK have pledged to do more to ensure plastic is recycled and are looking to achieve 60 per cent of plastic packaging effectively recycled by 2022.  That’s ambitious target when we consider it is estimated that only nine per cent of the world’s single use plastic is currently recycled – the rest going into landfill or overseas where it ends up in the world’s oceans or is incinerated.

There is still confusion among consumers as ‘what’ and ‘how to’ recycle. The conversation around the use of plastics has been becoming louder over the past years – and it’s one the cleaning industry is listening to. For many of those in the industry – and for general consumers too - it was firmly bought to the fore when the BBC aired Blue Planet II, showing the catastrophic effect plastic waste is having on our oceans and marine life.

More recently, the ‘Greta effect’ is creating awareness with children and students who will become the decision makers of tomorrow. Greta Thunberg has single-handedly raised awareness to a whole new level of the urgency of taking action.  And needless to say, the use of plastics has a material impact on climate change through waste processes. Meanwhile, packaging manufacturers are wasting energy and resources creating more virgin plastic when there are already billions of reusable tonnes available.

Make a difference

The cleaning industry has the potential to make a big difference. Nearly all cleaning products come in some form of plastic packaging – bottles of bleach, detergents, antibacterial sprays and many more.
乐动体育南安普顿In research we conducted earlier this year, 60 per centof people said they are confused about which types of plastic packaging are the most harmful to the environment and a further eight of out 10 said they would support clearer labelling of plastic packaging to help them determine its impact on the environment.

乐动体育南安普顿It would certainly make it much easier if there was one definitive mark that clearly stated a product’s plastic credential, enabling operators to choose packaging that is diverting plastic from landfill - not adding to it.

乐动体育南安普顿This is why the RPR (Recycled Plastic Rating) mark came about; to have a rating which instantly shows the amount of recycled plastic content in packaging. That might be 30 per cent, it might be 40 per cent, 70 per cent or 90 per cent.  But whatever the content, it will immediately show the purchaser exactly what they are buying and enable them to vote with their pocket.

乐动体育南安普顿Look out for the RPR mark

Currently, there 28 ‘marks’ in existence which are confusing. The RPR mark negates all of these – it means just one industry standard which is visible, recognisable and instantly comprehensive.
乐动体育南安普顿The RPR will enable all who work in the cleaning industry to see, at a glance, the exact plastic credentials of products they are using – and make necessary changes to other, more eco-friendly brands, if needs be.

乐动体育南安普顿Launched in September at the House of Commons, the Government is being lobbied to get behind the RPR mark with growing calls to make it a mandatory requirement on all plastic packaging. From the early responses, it looks set to be adopted far and wide across many sectors and industries.

The real power is in the cleaning industry uniting as a whole. The weight we carry as a combined industry is huge. The UK’s cleaning industry alone is worth almost €13 billion (around £12 billion); let alone the rest of Europe.

乐动体育南安普顿In order to turn this ‘plastic crisis’ on its head we need to all align our choices. We need to align on only using products with packaging that has been recycled. We need to consciously specify we will only work with suppliers who package products responsibly – that way the suppliers who don’t have no option but to bring to market products that are made from recycled plastic or risk going out of business. If we don’t buy their plastic products, they can’t sell them – it’s simple.

We also need to align on not accepting excuses. Excuses that claim using 100 per cent recycled plastic in packaging isn’t possible right now. It is completely possible. I know this because we have done it at our cleaning products business. It wasn’t easy to achieve – it took six years to perfect and there were many difficulties along the way – but if a small business like us can do it, there is no reason why the ‘big boys’ within the cleaning sector can’t do the same.

It’s largely about collaboration. If each professional reading this decided that today they would take action and make today the day they committed to using products with above 30 per cent recycled packaging, bit by bit change would happen.

The task is a mammoth one – it’s about each and every person in the industry making changes. It’s about cleaning companies changing suppliers. It’s about suppliers changing manufacturers. I come back to the old saying ‘together many raindrops make an ocean...’

This action will divert single-use plastic from going into the environment and circle it back as a totally new product. It will help to eliminate tens of thousands, if not millions, of tons of plastic ending up in our oceans and in our natural world each year. The effects of plastic on the environment will start to slow down. It’s action that we take together, as a united cleaning industry, that will have the real power behind it. We urge everyone in the industry to stand together, with one voice, and one vision, and work together to make this happen.

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LDsports APP下载_基金业协会 Extinction Rebellion has captured the world’s imagination – but is it also causing a ripple effect in the cleaning sector? ECJ asks companies whether they have noticed a renewed urgency as far as sustainability is concerned, and what they believe is behind it.

乐动体育南安普顿Protests by Extinction Rebellion are constantly hitting the headlines these days. This group of environmentalists has repeatedly engaged in non-violent activities such as gluing themselves to banks and grounding passenger flights to demonstrate their concerns about issues such as fossil fuel investment and airport expansion plans.

乐动体育南安普顿Extinction Rebellion was formed online and first emerged into the public consciousness following a 1,500-strong protest in London’s Parliament Square in October 2018. However, its energy has been contagious and the group now claims to have thousands of members spanning the entire globe.

乐动体育南安普顿So, with a new urgency being lent to issues such as climate change and other environmental topics, have the ripples started to be felt in the cleaning sector?

Ecolab is one company that has certainly been seeing an increasing level of engagement about global challenges such as climate change, water scarcity, food security and public health according to marketing communications manager Gaëlle Petit.

“Whether it’s about saving water and energy or reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions, there’s a growing realisation that these priorities go hand in hand with business growth and profitability,” she said. “In our business, we see the signs of progress all around us.”

Digital technology is delivering insights that were previously unavailable to many while also increasing demand for smart, sustainable solutions, she says. “At Ecolab we are privileged to be able to help drive these positive developments forward.”

According to Petit, Ecolab helped its customers worldwide save around 188 billion gallons of water in 2018. “That’s equivalent to the annual drinking water needs of 650 million people,” she said. “We are also on our way to achieving our 2030 goal of saving 300 billion gallons, and have helped customers to save 19 trillion British thermal units of energy while avoiding 2.4 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating 54 million pounds of waste.”

Sense of urgency

Groups such as Extinction Rebellion have given rise to a strong sense of urgency for the global coalition to tackle issues such as climate change and water scarcity, she says. “It is important to raise awareness of these issues – particularly about the importance of smart water management to ensure that we don’t run out of fresh water,” she said.

“It is encouraging to see businesses around the world increasingly focusing on pressing issues such as climate change and water, but we also need to encourage greater action including the development of plans and execution of sustainable water management practices on a bigger scale to make a difference for the planet.”

Customers of machine manufacturer Tennant have also been asking for more information about the company’s sustainability practices over recent months, says global senior sustainability specialist Kate Powers.

“Many of these enquiries have been specific questions relating to the customer’s own sustainability goals,” she said. “These include everything from environmental management systems and certification to sustainability commitments, the recyclability of machines, the recycled content of our machines, carbon emissions from operations and energy saving projects.

“We’re also seeing an increasing number of customers beginning to include sustainability criteria in their buying processes and choosing machines that contribute to their company’s own sustainability goals and objectives.”

She believes there to be a number of reasons behind this change in focus. “We know our customers are reacting to media coverage of issues such as plastics in the oceans plus the change in market conditions for recycled materials,” she said. “For example, Chinese recycling businesses have recently refused to take soiled and contaminated recyclables from international markets.

“And our customers’ own clients are also asking similar questions and are requesting further information from their supplier base.”

She says Tennant in turn is seeking more detailed sustainability information from its own suppliers. “We’re working with our partners to ensure that we have good information from our supply chain, particularly with regard to topics such as waste and plastics, plastic use, plastic recyclability and the recycled plastic content in our machines,” she said.

乐动体育南安普顿As far as Tennant is concerned, today’s most pressing sustainability issues are those of the circular economy and carbon emissions associated with global warming.

Global trends

Sustainability is becoming something of a global trend according to Andreas Mayer, director management systems at Kärcher. “Every year we receive around five per cent more sustainability-related requests from our customers than in the previous year,” he said. “Sustainability today is
乐动体育南安普顿no longer limited to environmental protection – other topics such as social standards in the supply chain are also moving into focus.”

乐动体育南安普顿He says people worldwide are becoming more aware of the impact that issues such as climate change, ocean pollution and unsafe working conditions can have on all of us. “I think it’s these experiences that are causing the increase in interest and demand for sustainability,” he said.

While he believes all sustainability issues to be equally important he cites climate protection, ocean pollution and working conditions in the supply chain as particular focus areas. “Sustainability is one of our core values at Kärcher – and one that we believe is linked with economic success,” he said.

Today’s consumers are paying increasing attention to the impact of their day-to-day activities according to IPC communications manager Gabriella Bianco. “Many are assuming a sort of green attitude whenever and wherever they can,” she said. “Consequently, cleaning companies are being tasked with being more ethically responsible, minimising their use of resources and providing safer waste disposal as a relevant selling factor.”

Raising awareness

She feels that organisations such as Extinction Rebellion are raising awareness and promoting a greater public interest towards environmental issues along with the effects of climate change. “This is increasing people’s understanding of the importance of taking a more responsible approach towards our life habits,” she said.

乐动体育南安普顿“People are also gaining a greater understanding of the risks we are taking in depleting the Earth’s natural resources and damaging its ecosystems. This is prompting them to become more careful when generating waste since this can lead to issues such as plastics contaminating our oceans.”

IPC offers various sustainable solutions including the Black is Green range which incorporates up to 75 per cent of recycled plastic in products, and MSC technology which reduces energy consumption in high pressure machines.

According to Bianco, the cleaning industry has become highly sensitive to the ecological protection issue. “Policies aimed at increasing the use of green solutions and technologies are spreading: for example, the European Green Public Procurement (GPP) supports the adoption of environmental technologies and products with the lowest impact and the maximum respect for the environment,” she said.

乐动体育南安普顿TV programmes highlighting the damage caused by plastic waste are playing their own part in driving forward sustainability agendas, says managing director of Cromwell Polythene James Lee.

Action needed now

乐动体育南安普顿“It is right and encouraging that people are showing concern for the environment and the impacts that our actions have, and EU legislation is helping to drive change,” he said.

The company’s LowCO2t range of recycling sacks and bags are said to reduce the volume of plastic used while also cutting down on the energy required in the manufacturing process.

“Responsibly produced plastic can have a high recycled content  - up to 100 per cent - and can be reprocessed many times which not only saves virgin material but associated energy as well,” said Lee.

乐动体育南安普顿But whatever the reasons behind the growing focus on sustainability, companies are united in their belief that action needs to be taken – and their determination to play their part.

“It is vital that we work as a unit to find solutions that protect our environment, combat climate change and keep products in use for as long as possible while preventing the leakage of valuable resources from the circular economy,” said Lee.

Tennant’s Kate Powers says her company needs to turn the spotlight on to its own operations and work toward facility and fleet efficiencies. “These will have a significant impact on our environmental footprint,” she said. “We think companies such as ours can make a genuine impact by improving efficiencies and by changing our mindset to ensure that circularity is incorporated into all our products.”

And Ecolab’s Gaëlle Petit adds: “We must all work together to make the most of the opportunity that today’s growing interest in sustainability offers. If we seize it now, we can build an economy that offers sustainable growth for us all - without causing any additional harm to our planet.”

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乐动体育水果拉霸_安东尼准绝杀 New kids on the block are changing perceptions about what makes a successful entrepreneur. But these rising stars of the business world are far from being kids anymore and in terms of life experience have already been around the block a dizzying number of times. Hartley Milner meets the ‘olderpreneurs’ and shares their stories.

乐动体育南安普顿A wave of redundancies was sweeping through the UK car plant like a plague. A survivor of many a cull in the past, assembly line technician Martin Hewitt learnt his fortunes had finally turned and he was about to lose his job to a robot.

“In hindsight, I probably could have seen this coming,” Martin told ECJ. “Over my 37 years in the motor industry, I had seen numerous slumps and each time manufacturers responded by cutting production jobs and ramping up automation. We were now in the worst recession for decades and it was happening all over again. I suppose the only surprising thing was that I had managed to hang on for so long.”

As he approached his 57th birthday, Martin was left to reflect on his options. “I knew I was not going to find a job paying anything like what I was earning before,” he said. “My partner was in part-time work, but we would not get by for long on her income alone. And I was still years away from drawing a pension. The future was looking bleak and rather scary.”

Martin’s thoughts were careering round his head like a pinball. So he sought respite in his hobby, making and restoring furniture. While working on an 18th century oak coffer for a neighbour, an
idea flashed across his mind…was the solution to his woes literally in his hands? Could he turn his life-long love of carpentry into a business?

New career?

“I had looked at a career working with wood on leaving school, but traditional cabinetmaking was in decline and I could see no future in it,” he continued. “Now, all this had changed. Bespoke handcrafted furniture was back in fashion and there seemed to be almost as much on TV about salvaging and restoring old furniture as cookery shows. So I saw there could be a demand for my skills, but did I have what it takes to run a business?”

Martin decided he needed mentoring and turned to a small business adviser. Six months later, Gateshead Fine Furniture was up and running from his home workshop. “Commissions started coming in but not as fast as the money was going out,” he said. “I had got through my £16,000 (€18,700) redundancy pay and had started eating into my savings. But then I won a contract to make retro-furniture for a new restaurant. This led to further commissions from the restaurant chain and things picked up from there.”

Martin has since moved onto an artisan crafts park where he employs eight people, six full-time, and has clients throughout the UK and overseas. The furniture making side of the business is managed by one of his sons while he focuses on commissioned restoration projects. In addition, he writes about furniture topics, runs woodworking courses and has a shop selling period furniture he buys himself at auctions and restores.

He said: “I am where I wanted to be, making a good living out of something I am passionate about. Of course, it was a gamble that could have gone horribly wrong. My top tip to others going into business for the first time is to seek professional advice at every stage of the process, it greatly loads the odds in your favour.”

Martin’s guiding spirit was Philip Peters, who specialises in advising olderpreneur start-ups. Philip highlighted some personal qualities he believes give silver go-getters an edge over more youthful so-called wonder kids.

“For one thing, older people today generally enjoy better health and are far fitter than they used to be,” Philip explained. “They will have accumulated many more years of work experience, have more life skills, knowledge, integrity and wisdom, and take a more thoughtful, assiduous approach to whatever they do.”

乐动体育南安普顿Older people have greater access to finance. In the UK, pension freedoms have made it possible to draw on retirement funds from the age of 55, plus transfer valuations on final salary schemes have soared in recent years. This makes it possible to access valuable lump sums, or even borrow against the value of a pension. Those who own their home outright will have serious equity available to them. But Philip cautioned: “Think hard before going down this path…you won’t want to risk being left without a roof over your head!”

Sources of finance

乐动体育南安普顿He said other sources of start-up finance may be available from government-backed loan schemes, peer-to-peer lending or, increasingly for baby boomers, an inheritance. People receiving state benefits may be eligible for an enterprise allowance and further government venture funding.

乐动体育南安普顿Philip started his consultancy late in life himself, having quit his job as a small business adviser with a large high street bank in 2014, aged 60. He said: “I was meeting increasing numbers of older people wanting to go into business for themselves and saw there was little help available tailored to their specific requirements. Starting a business can be risky at any age, but at their time of life getting it wrong can prove especially costly, even disastrous, for their futures.”

He now employs a team of four advisers – all aged over 50 – and can fall back on business people with proven track records to provide advice in more specialist areas. Plus he runs business networking events, business education seminars and workshops and is a habitual blogger. Through his mentoring programmes, Philip reckons he has helped more than 300 seniors set up and run successful enterprises.

Franchise an option

乐动体育南安普顿Figures from the in the UK show the over-50s make up 43 per cent of those who start their own businesses in the UK. A recent report from Barclays bank highlighted that people over 55 are 63 per cent more likely to start businesses than 10 years ago.

And the rise in business owners does not only apply to founders in their 50s…the number of self-employed people aged 65 and over more than doubled between 2013 and 2018.

乐动体育南安普顿Even more remarkably, by the age of 70, almost 60 per cent of people still in work are self-employed. Furthermore, around 70 per cent of businesses started by older entrepreneurs last longer than three years compared with only 28 per cent set up by their younger counterparts.

For the more risk-averse, buying a franchise has become an increasingly popular choice in the UK. The number of franchise-owned businesses has grown by 70 per cent during the past decade and now account for €13.7bn annually in sales. Franchises require a lower financial outlay and the chances of success are greater because the product or service has already been tried and tested. The package includes training, ongoing support and advice, plus guidance on the best route to market.

Steve Brown, of Thatcham near Newbury, Berkshire, took on a franchise in 2010 to provide an escape from the tedium of retirement. A year earlier, at the age of 58, he had quit his job as a global support manager with a large IT firm after growing weary of working long hours in a pressurised environment.

“I didn’t plan to go back to work, I had enough to live on but I got bored after 12 months,” he said. “I suddenly realised I had no motivation to get out of bed, nothing to plan for. Sitting watching the TV and doing the garden didn’t appeal to me anymore. I wanted something where I could work from home and there would be repeat business.

“My daughter, TJ, who had been an office manager, was coming off maternity leave and we went to a franchise show. I wanted something where I could work from home and there would be repeat business. I did not want to sell products.”

乐动体育南安普顿The pair got chatting with representatives of Rosemary Bookkeeping at the show and felt that the franchise opportunity being offered would suit them both, so they went into partnership. The initial cost of the franchise was about €17,500 and Mr Brown said he put more money into the business in the first year than he took out.

But the business prospered and in September 2016, Mr Brown won the British Franchise Association award for olderpreneur of the year. By then, he was employing five people and had a record of increasing revenues by 30 to 40 per cent a year. He also set up a virtual office on Skype, and has saved clients money through the automation of bookkeeping processes.

乐动体育南安普顿“My message to anyone my age who’s thinking of a start-up is do it! What frightened me in that year I had off was the speed at which I slowed down mentally. But now I have a team of people working for me, we can set goals and achieve them and it keeps me young.”

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365bet体育在线_浓眉哥受伤 乐动体育南安普顿Norovirus is one of the most common stomach bugs and the arrival of winter often brings many outbreaks. ECJ gets the advice of some experts - Paul Casson, technical field manager at Rentokil Specialist Hygiene and Jamie Woodhall, technical and innovation manager for Initial Washroom Hygiene - on how cleaning protocols play a vital role in prevention.

乐动体育南安普顿Autumn has brought a sharp drop in temperature. As is often the case, this has come hand in hand with a rise in news stories about Norovirus outbreaks. A school in the UK was closed just a few weeks ago after 50 pupils and staff were taken ill with what is more commonly known as the “winter vomiting bug”.

Norovirus is one of the most common stomach bugs, with symptoms including sudden nausea, aching limbs, vomiting and diarrhoea. It is also highly contagious – fewer than 20 virus particles are necessary to cause infection. With as many as 250 outbreaks affecting between 600,000 and a million people in the UK alone each year, businesses must review their hygiene processes for the upcoming winter months when we know there is a higher risk of bugs like Norovirus spreading.

Regular cleaning is essential

乐动体育南安普顿Workplaces can be challenging environments in which to prevent cross-contamination due to the large number of people, shared spaces and equipment. It’s essential that businesses take action to ensure their workplace doesn’t serve as a hotbed for viral infection.

Kitchen, dining areas and washrooms must be subject to vigilant daily and weekly cleaning routines. We advise that standard cleaning is scheduled and tracked, ensuring that it takes place
乐动体育南安普顿regularly and on time. Organisations with hot-desking policies should also encourage staff to wipe down their desks at the end of each day by providing antibacterial wipes.

乐动体育南安普顿It might sound simple but encouraging proper hand washing will also help to prevent the spread of germs. Our hands are a natural breeding ground for germs and one of the principle carriers of harmful pathogens – in fact, 80 per cent of infections are spread by hand. Ensuring your employees have access to essential hand washing tools – warm water, soap, drying facilities and ideally, hand sanitiser - is key. There should be ample supplies of these products in the washroom, kitchen and throughout the building, paired with hand washing reminders to encourage best practice.

Proactive prevention

乐动体育南安普顿On top of a regular cleaning regime, autumn is the perfect time to book in a thorough deep clean, preferably managed by a professional cleaning company trained to tackle those hard-to-reach or rarely seen areas where potentially harmful micro-organisms might be hiding.

Professional cleaners will have access to specialist multi-purpose biocidal cleaners, which can decontaminate surfaces by killing bacteria, fungi, spores, yeasts and viruses. A deep clean should include a thorough disinfection of high frequency touch points, as well as moving all furniture or equipment away from the walls to make sure no areas are missed from the cleaning routine.

乐动体育南安普顿One powerful tool in the deep cleaning arsenal is Ultra Low Volume (ULV) disinfectant fogging. This involves specialist technicians generating a mist of disinfectant which settles on top of, underneath and on the sides of objects, enabling technicians to disinfect a large area in a short period of time.

Reacting quickly

乐动体育南安普顿In addition to prevention, it’s also important that if your premises and workers do fall victim to an outbreak of Norovirus, you react quickly to decontaminate the premises and make it fit and safe for purpose once again. ULV disinfection is one of the most effective tools in this instance, given the speed in which large areas can be disinfected and returned back to use.

乐动体育南安普顿We’d also recommend a proactive analysis of the environment, which can come in the form of a ‘Hygiene Healthcheck’. This is where specialist technicians analyse the microbiological landscape and investigate levels of bacteria on various surfaces and touchpoints. With this information, they can create a heatmap to highlight the varying levels of microbiological activity throughout the building and identify any particular problem areas that need to be flagged for more frequent cleaning moving forward.

As Norovirus is considered a hardy virus, it is often transferable for several days, living on hard surfaces like door handles. It is important that any staff with Norovirus symptoms notify their workplace and stay away from work for at least 48 hours after the symptoms have ceased, to reduce the risk of the virus spreading further.

乐动体育南安普顿Final words

Proactivity is key to prevention. And while a regular cleaning regime and proactive hand hygiene is imperative in keeping winter illnesses like Norovirus at bay, specialist deep cleans will offer that extra level of protection.

Tue, 07 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0000 http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/stop-norovirus-in-its-tracks http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/stop-norovirus-in-its-tracks
球探网即时比分直播_郑爽疑起诉张恒 We are constantly being reminded of the role that hand hygiene plays in preventing the spread of germs. But studies regularly show that many people – including those working in hygiene-critical industries – are still failing to wash their hands as often as they should. Why is this the case, and how can well-designed hand washing systems and products help to improve compliance rates? Chris Brooks, technical product manager at SC Johnson Professional, writes for ECJ.

乐动体育南安普顿It’s no secret that good hand washing plays a critical role in infection prevention and thus the spread of illness; hands are the main pathways of germ transmission according to the In hygiene-critical areas and environments such as healthcare and the food industry, the spread of infection can have serious repercussions; a good hand washing technique with the right product at the right time can save millions of lives in the healthcare sector alone.

However various studies have shown that hygiene compliance rates in these critical industries are not what they should be. According to WHO, even in resource-rich hospital settings, hand hygiene compliance can be well below 40 per cent. Elsewhere, the Food Standards Agency found that a shocking 39 per cent of staff do not wash their hands after visiting the toilet, and a huge 53 per cent do not wash their hands before preparing food. Hand hygiene has a part to play in general washrooms too – less than six per cent of the population wash their hands adequately according to a study by Borchgrevink, C.P. et al.

So why is this the case, and how can better hand hygiene compliance be promoted and put into place?

Hygiene critical areas: healthcare

The first and most obvious area where hand hygiene is critical is healthcare. Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) are a persistent and serious health threat to patients, and inadequate hand hygiene compliance has a significant part to play in this. In the UK alone, a study by the University of Nottingham found that HCAIs caused by hospital superbugs such as C.difficile and MRSA are responsible for at least 5,000 deaths a year; greater than the number associated with road traffic accidents.

乐动体育南安普顿There are several reasons for low hand hygiene compliance in healthcare. According to a report by the AHA Health Forum, the issue is twofold: the human factor, and the method of reporting. On an individual level, insufficient education can lead to common misconceptions; that glove use does not necessitate hand washing; demands being placed on medical staff can lead to fewer hand hygiene events than necessary, or simply forgetfulness. Furthermore, when it comes to reporting hand hygiene compliance, data can also be inaccurate. If measured incorrectly, the required actions are less likely to be implemented when it comes to a hand hygiene review.

乐动体育南安普顿Tackling hand hygiene compliance can come in many forms. Greater awareness and education is needed, for example, the teaching of the WHO’S 5-Moments for Hand Hygiene. Strategic placement of resources around healthcare facilities can aid this, encouraging and reminding healthcare professionals when to sanitise and clean.

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers have been cited by the WHO as an essential, complementary method to washing with soap to drive hand hygiene compliance within healthcare facilities, as they require less time and are highly effective at killing potentially harmful germs. Well-placed dispenser points, and smaller more portable pump packs can also be effective here.

Monitoring can also assist when evaluating hand hygiene rates. Existing observation methods can be unreliable, but technology-based electric monitoring systems can both remind professionals of hand hygiene events and record these. They have been proven to provide accurate and reliable data on true hand hygiene compliance levels to help identify areas for improvement.

乐动体育南安普顿Hygiene critical areas: the food industry

Another critical area for hand hygiene compliance is the food industry, where the cross contamination of food can cause serious illness outbreaks. Thirty per cent of foodborne illness outbreaks can be traced to poor personal hygiene according to a study by Epidemiol, but many of these diseases are preventable through proper hand washing.

乐动体育南安普顿A study by Oregon State University found that the top factors affecting hand hygiene compliance were time constraints, inadequate facilities, a lack of accountability and a lack of general support for hand washing practices in the workplace. With the fast pace and turnover of the food industry, factors such as language barriers and unfamiliarity with the working environment can also lead to misunderstandings and a low compliance rate.

Long-term behavioural change needs to be driven in order to improve hand hygiene compliance in the food industry. More awareness and education of the risks and procedures involved is recommended, ensuring that proper training is fulfilled so that employees are aware of how to avoid cross-contamination. However for high compliance, the right products need to be provided at the right times – an on-site assessment can help with this, by identifying critical hand hygiene control points.

As with the healthcare environment, if products are clearly signposted and labelled, this will assist in promoting thorough and compliant hand washing.  Hand washing should also be incorporated with the use of hand sanitisers, which can be used without water, at the point of need, to provide rapid and easily accessible hand hygiene.

乐动体育南安普顿Protecting the general population

When it comes to the general washroom, although less hygiene critical in relation to acute illnesses, hand washing is important when it comes to infection prevention across the general population in places such as offices, schools and public spaces. According to the Centre for Economic and Business Research, the UK economy lost €4.9 billion in 2013 due to poor hygiene related sick leave.

The WHO states that 80 per cent of germs are spread through personal contact or by touching contaminated surfaces, and in office environments, for example, if hand hygiene is not promoted it can quickly manifest in absenteeism and loss of productivity.

A recent survey by the Royal Society for Public Health also found that although the importance of hand hygiene is generally well understood by the public, there is some confusion over the relationship between germs and hygiene, and the times and situations where hand washing is most vital.

There are a wide range of factors that contribute to low hand hygiene compliance levels in general washrooms. An understanding of the difference between washroom types is vital, as is awareness amongst users. In offices, for example, it is critical to bring raised awareness of hand hygiene and the potential risks to truly drive compliance. Resources such as posters and signs can help encourage this, as can training and skin care plans.

One of the important factors is quality product provision and its presentation. Products which are easy and enjoyable to use, have a pleasant scent and care for the skin communicate freshness and cleanliness to the user, thus encouraging hand hygiene compliance.

乐动体育南安普顿Despite the above, hygiene compliance rates can swiftly become irrelevant if the washroom itself is unhygienic, or the products contaminated. Commonly seen in general washrooms, open soap systems that are bulk filled can actually present a serious hygiene problem. Airborne germs and bacteria can enter the soap reservoir, potentially contaminating the soap – these dispensers are also often inadequately cleaned or refilled.

乐动体育南安普顿Procedure states that they should be emptied and cleaned thoroughly on each refill, however this rarely happens, meaning that contaminated soap is simply topped up. According to a study by Chattman, Maxwell and Gerba, a huge 25 per cent of public refillable bulk soap dispensers are contaminated with unsafe levels of bacteria and can actually leave the hands with 25 times more bacteria after washing.

Maximum hygiene

Cartridge soap dispensers which are sealed will bring maximum hygiene, with a measured dose of fresh product dispensed each time. The maintenance of washrooms has a significant impact on hand hygiene, and with a more readily replaceable cartridge, this is made easier and simpler for cleaning professionals. With visibly cleaner and more pleasant soap dispensers, users are far more likely to wash hands thoroughly and carry out a full hand hygiene event.

Not only are soap cartridges more hygienic, when coupled with foam soaps, they are much more cost effective with savings on refill time and water use, as well as reducing product usage and packaging.

Although the risks of inadequate hand hygiene are clear to most users, a clean washroom and availability of product is often the primary concern. Whether in hygiene-critical environments or general washrooms, it is clear that more could be done to really raise awareness of the risk, and make hand hygiene matter to users.

Time constraints, lack of awareness and proper facilities are common factors across all sectors from hospitals to office washrooms. More education, raised awareness and the provision of quality, safe skin care products could have a huge impact on hand hygiene compliance rates, thus reducing the spread of infection and ultimately the risk to life across all industries.

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乐动体育江苏苏宁_伊朗承认击落客机 With the launch of its PUR:ONE universal cleaner/disinfectant EarthSafe says its EvaClean Infection Prevention System is eliminating the need for multiple chemicals.

The EvaClean Infection Prevention System, the company says, uses electrostatic sprayer technologies to cover three times the area in 80 per cent less time, a “drop and go” sanitising/disinfection chemistry.

乐动体育南安普顿PUR:ONE is a one-step cleaning and disinfection solution for high-touch surfaces and floors. It comes as a pre-measured tablet concentrate and is designed to work with existing microfibre cleaning methods, as well as dry wipes and spray bottles. It can also be mixed on-the-go at a cleaning trolley for floor disinfection using microfibre mop heads.

Mon, 23 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/earthsafe-prevents-infection-with-universal-cleaner-disinfectant http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/earthsafe-prevents-infection-with-universal-cleaner-disinfectant
乐动体育官方版_郭德纲5岁小儿子近照 Scandinavian correspondent Lotte Printz brings a report on current affairs in the Norwegian industry.

“Good leaders encourage humour, social activities and having a bit of fun at work.” So, the text reads next to a picture of a laughing monkey on a slide presented by Ann Kristin Reinskau from Ny Vy. She is giving tips on successful management in the cleaning industry and is one of several speakers on a trade seminar tour around Norway this autumn organised by the Norwegian Association for Facility Services and Cleaning.

乐动体育南安普顿The tour was planned after members had asked the association to be more present locally and is mainly for management level, be it private or public sector, within the industry. In the seven towns NFSR is visiting this autumn, talks are given not only on successful management, but also on how to handle sick leave properly in the workplace. Other speakers will cover microplastics, environmental issues, sustainability and updates from the robot and digital worlds and, not least, there’ll be insights into using the latest INSTA 800 which was introduced in Norway this spring.

乐动体育南安普顿While NFSR is touring for the people upstairs, the Norwegian government brought good news for workers with few qualifications, likely including some cleaners. Last year a qualification upgrading pilot programme was launched on a national scale and across industries, enabling workers with years of practical experience an upgrade in general education or any basic skills needed, such as reading, writing, math and Norwegian.

Forecasts suggest that by 2030 there’ll be a shortage of skilled tradespeople in Norway of 100,000. Hence, in the middle of October the government announced that it would grant €1.5 million to enable more adult workers to qualify for trade-specific vocational education:

乐动体育南安普顿“We must prepare people for the future labour market. And with a vocational education diploma you’ll have a higher level of job security and can make important contributions in your trade,” the minister in charge of this area, Jan Tore Sanner, said in a government press release.

Turn of the tide?

From good news to bad – or rather: what first seemed like bad news for cleaners carrying out cleaning jobs at various premises a day, and which sent shock waves into the Norwegian Union of General Workers (NAF), has seen a more positive development. For ISS cleaners at least. In August 2019, a Norwegian Labour Court (Arbeitsretten) decision ruled in favour of employers in the cleaning industry, stipulating that employers were not obliged to pay those cleaners for time spent on the road between tasks.

乐动体育南安普顿For these cleaners this could mean receiving wages for only five hours of a working day lasting nine, NAF proclaimed furiously after the decision was passed. But then, in October, the leading facility service provider, ISS in Norway, publicly announced it has no intention of changing its payment policy: despite the ruling, it will continue paying these cleaners for the time they spend moving from one job to another.

But by the time ECJ went to press, ISS was the only service provider to strictly hold on to that policy. When asked by the trade union magazine ‘The Worker’, most other leading service providers and cleaning companies in Norway replied they had not had time to evaluate the ruling, but generally stick to current practice, rules and regulations.

Mon, 23 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/tours-and-tides-in-norways-cleaning-sector http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/tours-and-tides-in-norways-cleaning-sector
乐动体育电子游艺_陈坤为儿子庆生日 乐动体育南安普顿Cleaning company Portfolio hosted a round table discussion for its customers on the theme of sustainability issues in the facilities management sector. Antony Law, its managing director, writes for ECJ.

Recently The Churchill Group’s high-specification cleaning service, Portfolio, hosted a round table for its customers on sustainability issues in the facilities management (FM) sector. A selection of clients from a range of industries within the sector attended and were joined by Amy Meek from the charity Kids Against Plastic (KAP). Churchill has been working with KAP throughout this year.

Meek, who set up KAP with her younger sister Ella as a means of addressing plastic pollution,started proceedings by introducing KAP’s main campaign, ‘Plastic Clever’. This aims to address the issue of the four biggest plastic polluters: bottles, straws, coffee cups and lids, and plastic bags. Plastic Clever is applicable across numerous sectors and while going plastic free is near impossible as things stand, Meek stressed there are many realistic changes which can make a big impact. With Generation Z playing a huge role in current environmental campaigns, it is becoming clear to many organisations with younger workforces that sustainable practices are the way forward.

Plastic pollution

乐动体育南安普顿With a diverse array of industries present, it quickly became apparent each faces similar but unique challenges. In catering and food delivery, for example, single-use plastics abound and the challenge has been to encourage end users to use alternatives, such as crockery in cafes.

乐动体育南安普顿A number of attendees mentioned the fact David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series had stirred their own and the public’s consciousness on environmental issues. With the rapid growth of the environmental movement, attendees considered whether failing to meet high environmental standards will soon become socially unacceptable.

乐动体育南安普顿The vast amount of single-use plastic we dispose of may become a part of the past, looked back on in much the same way as smoking indoors. This possibility is an incentive for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and lead the way in creating sustainable initiatives.

One attendee observed many individuals find it more challenging to behave in a sustainable way and minimise plastic waste in the workplace than they do at home. This was generally agreed upon and a number of others shared changes they had successfully implemented in the workplace, particularly reducing plastic cutlery and cups. While there is greater awareness of these issues and many businesses are adapting, there are still challenges in getting buy-in from senior staff.

Starting to educate staff at all levels is vital. Disincentivising the use of disposable plastics in the workplace, for example by charging for cups and not having plastic options on display, is only a small step that doesn’t necessarily lead to staff making similar choices elsewhere. Education is a key aspect in making long-term change. Changing practices in the workplace also places pressure on suppliers, increasing the influence an organisation has.

The discussion did touch on the role of recycling. Meek commented that to be truly effective, recycling must be a closed loop, which the sector is yet to achieve. Even in cases where the technology is available to fully recycle materials, this may not happen for a number of reasons.

Separating materials before collection is notoriously unclear since different companies and councils have the capability to recycle different materials – there are 39 different UK council rules for what can be put in plastic recycling collections. Labelling recycling bins clearly will aid this but mixed-material packaging such as card sandwich boxes with a plastic film may need to be separated into their constituent parts, something which can easily be forgotten or disregarded. The consensus among attendees was that while recycling and waste management is incredibly important, it will be more effective at present to focus on waste reduction.

乐动体育南安普顿Circular economy

乐动体育南安普顿Churchill’s own standpoint on the case for a circular economy encompassed these opinions well. A circular economy is not ‘just’ about recycling; it is about operating within a regenerative system that focuses on all stages of a product’s life cycle including its production, maintenance, its potential re-use or re-manufacture. Resource use should be minimised, and products should be kept in productive loops as long as possible, including their waste. But how can this be achieved?

There was discussion over whether the transition to minimal or zero waste would be led by a slow change in outlook and behaviour or an overnight change in legislation. One attendee pointed out plastic bags use in shops changed virtually overnight and speculated this could be replicated with other polluters. She referred back to the previously mentioned issues on packaging food products, acknowledging there are changes which will take much longer such as finding alternative means of packing food.

乐动体育南安普顿The discussion moved on to the cleaning industry. Churchill uses a chemical-free cleaning product and each client at the round table has at least one building which had adopted the product. There are naturally challenges which arise when working practices change. Despite this, each client is delighted with its transition to the new product. The main challenge many voiced was convincing the cleaning staff that chemical-free cleaning is equally as effective as traditional products. This highlights the need for better education and training, as well as better practices.

乐动体育南安普顿Attendees agreed they would be more likely to buy from a company with demonstrable ecological credentials, which is a consumer trend we are seeing throughout the UK. One client noted that Churchill’s push for more sustainable practices was a large part of the reason they entered into the partnership. Despite this, clients found communicating success stories on sustainable initiatives was a challenge. Many had no clear communication channel. Getting involved in volunteering projects such as partnerships with KAP and staff litter picks offered platforms through which companies could communicate the importance of their goals and draw awareness to sustainability issues.

No one-size-fits-all solution

When asked for their main takeaways, it was clear that different sectors, and even different groups within organisations, have different cultures. In a diverse workforce, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to sustainability. However, there are plenty of great initiatives already in place as well as room for further improvement. Any catalyst for change, such as an office refurbishment or digital transformation, is a potential starting point to overhaul a company approach to the environment.

Better communication

乐动体育南安普顿Regardless of the approach, communication is key. Many attendees noted in their takeaways they don’t feel they communicate the work they do and the importance of it enough. By sharing methods and successes, a sustainable approach will spread through the industry. In turn, recognising these successes will aid internal buy-in and encourage contractors, suppliers and other partners to make better choices.

Churchill recognised the power of bringing together like-minded organisations in the process of creating a more environmentally responsible world. There have been suggestions of hosting similar events more regularly in order to keep the momentum going. Transformation and innovation are clearly vital, but small continuous steps are what maintains progress. Internal education of staff will change the sector’s mindset and create the step-change necessary.

The insight from a diverse group representing a number of industries in the FM sector gave Churchill a base from which to further develop its sustainable practises and understand how best to engage clients and stakeholders with the issue. FM, as a sector that is so integral to the functioning of other sectors, has real potential to take the lead in creating sustainable practices and influence others to adopt them.

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乐动体育西乙_明道哥哥自杀计划 Service Partner ONE, an independent subsidiary of Kärcher, has developed the SQ ONE platform to digitise all building service contractors’ tasks.

乐动体育南安普顿Using artificial intelligence it enables needs-oriented, efficient and transparent organisation of daily cleaning schedules and higher level management processes: from customer acquisition to material planning and the actual provision of the service through to invoicing.

乐动体育南安普顿SQ ONE can process information from completely different sources – for example, data of cleaning machines from all manufacturers, building usage data or weather data. Existing digital solutions from Kärcher can be integrated into the platform.

It can be installed on any smartphone, is language-neutral and can be operated intuitively like What’s App or Facebook.

Fri, 20 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/sq-one-digital-control http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/sq-one-digital-control
乐动体育唯一官网_郜林发文告别恒大 乐动体育南安普顿Ryanair has been slated for its on-board hygiene levels in a Which? survey.

Almost 8,000 passengers were asked to rate the cleanliness of 42 global airlines in the study.

A total of 24 per cent of Ryanair passengers rated hygiene on board as "poor" compared with only one per cent of Swiss Air passengers; two per cent of Air France customers and six per cent of travellers on British Airways and Iberia.

Figures for Ryanair's rival European low-cost carriers Vueling Airlines and Wizz Air both stood at 10 per cent while eight per cent of Easyjet passengers rated hygiene levels as poor.

A Which? investigator boarded a Ryanair flight following the survey to take a look for themselves. The reporter discovered "greasy tray tables, soiled headrests and dusty window sills" on the plane in question. And an ultraviolet light picked up further stains on tray tables.

乐动体育南安普顿Which? travel editor Rory Boland commented: "There are steps you can take; either choose your next flight on an airline that has a good track record for cleanliness or equip yourself with some antibacterial wipes. If you are flying Ryanair though, a biohazard suit might be more appropriate."

Which? surveyed 7,901 members of its online panel in September and October 2018. A total of 12,459 experiences were logged, 10,474 of which were on economy flights.

Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, Qatar Airways and Emirates all came out best in the study with no passengers rating their hygiene levels as poor.


Fri, 20 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/ryanair-criticised-for-poor-onboard-hygiene http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/ryanair-criticised-for-poor-onboard-hygiene
LDDD乐动官方_郝云方律师声明 Matting specialist First Mats is expanding its line of indoor mats for commercial entrances. This includes wider choice for individual loose laid floor mats as well as larger commercial grade barrier matting.

Among the options are DDA compliant brush matting, rubber backed entrance mats and needle punch matting rolls. Featuring rubber backing, mats will remain firmly rooted in position whilst the specially designed surfaces have been created to offer maximum absorption from wet and muddy shoes.

The company’s range encompasses anti-fatigue, rubber, leisure and anti-static solutions.

Thu, 19 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/first-mats-expands-commercial-matting-range http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/first-mats-expands-commercial-matting-range
LD乐动体育官微_曝翟天临即将复出 UK reporter Lynn Webster on how important first impressions are, and how cleaning plays a vital role.

乐动体育南安普顿There are many training programmes that emphasise the need to make that first impression count. We don’t get a second chance to make a good ‘first impression’ and interestingly according to one university study people make 11 decisions about us in the first seven seconds of contact, so the clock is ticking. Whether this is with a new client; at an interview for a new job or promotion; at a sales presentation or just the times you want someone to think well of you as an individual - we are well aware of this behaviour.

Experience has shown me that not only people but places should take note of such advice and be mindful of both a good quality entrance and the impact of a poorly cleaned facility. A recent visit to my local airport demonstrated just this with extremely poor cleaning outcomes clearly visible as I waited for an early morning flight.

The cleaning specification, the service delivery and generally the performance and process of clean all made a contribution to this judgement. Some suggest we get what we pay for; as a commercial enterprise there are budgets to be met but at what cost? As the entrance to the UK ‘Northern Powerhouse’ this was certainly not an appropriate welcome.

乐动体育南安普顿First impressions have the ability to make or break a business, and a positive experience can create long-lasting business relationships. Once a first impression is made, if it’s less than great, unfortunately it takes a long time to change it. Businesses want to be successful so it is vital those who have cause to connect receive the very best impression from the outset.

In a recent survey cleanliness was top of the list when it came to customer satisfaction. That was higher than value for money, quality and even customer service! Perception is everything. If customers feel the facility is unhygienic and dirty, they simply won’t want to give their custom.

As cleaning service providers, in-house or externally, there are therefore major challenges to uphold clients’ first impressions. People tend to look at the floor when they’re entering somewhere new to prevent them from falling or slipping in unfamiliar territory so a clean floor, litter free and dry, is important. One bad washroom experience is an impression likely to be shared with many others.

In a consumer survey, 50 per cent of people said they would tell friends and family about a negative experience and 46 per cent said they would avoid going to an establishment based on a poor washroom review. This, TripAdvisor and social media reviews add a further dimension to the cleaning challenge.

The exterior of a client’s office building is the first thing potential clients and visitors see and is often missed even though it yields an extremely important first impression. A filthy, stained exterior, collections of cigarette stubs at the entrance, dirty and overflowing refuse containers all contribute to a less than pleasing look, and with a regular faux pas of the stained or soiled caution sign that displays your company name or logo.

乐动体育南安普顿The cleaning industry is certainly in the right place with the best opportunity to make every first impression count, hopefully yours is a good one!

Thu, 19 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/first-impressions-count http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/first-impressions-count
乐动体育手机平台_苏州十全街塌陷 乐动体育南安普顿The new battery upright vacuum cleaner RovaVac, says manufacturer iVo Group, offers two hours of cordless cleaning capability while also boasting high-level suction, enhanced edge cleaning and full HEPA filtration.

乐动体育南安普顿The company says this model is also simple to use, quick to charge and easy to store.

Wed, 18 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/rovavac-upright-vacuum-cleaner http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/rovavac-upright-vacuum-cleaner
乐动体育手机版大厅_2020央视春晚 How do manufacturers ensure that their sweepers are easy to use and comfortable to ride for the operator? And how important are ergonomics in a sweeper anyway? ECJ asks manufacturers how far they consider the end-user’s experience when designing their machines.

Cost, efficiency, productivity and suitability for the task in question – these are all key factors that any customer needs to bear in mind when choosing a sweeper.

Whether they are purchasing or leasing the machine, a facilities services or cleaning company needs to be certain that their sweeper will be able to cope with the specified task with optimum speed and effectiveness. But the operator’s role is also pivotal in determining how efficiently the job will be carried out.

For example, there could be a huge knock-on effect on productivity if the user finds a sweeper too uncomfortable to ride or excessively difficult to operate. But manufacturers are on top of this according to Hako application technology trainer and consultant Klaus Serfezi.

“With our walk-behind machines you simply need to turn a key switch, pull a lever, then off you go,” he said. “And with many of our ride-on machines you just lower the sweeping cylinder and the side broom and then you can start working.”

乐动体育南安普顿Ergonomics are a key focus area for Hako when developing its machines - particularly with its ride-on models. “This is not only important as far as the driver’s seating position is concerned, but also in terms of overall operating comfort which includes ease of operation, economic efficiency and durability,” said Serfezi.

The biggest problem with over-complicated machines is that operators have no motivation to work with them, he said. “The result is that the cleaning task will not be carried out properly and if an operator becomes particularly frustrated, he or she might go as far as wilfully damaging the machine,” said Serfezi.

Ride-on models in particular need to maximise operator comfort, he said. “Fuel-powered machines or vacuum sweepers equipped with large battery packs are basically mobile workplaces on which the operator has to sit for several hours,” he said. “This requires good ergonomics in order to ensure fatigue-free working.”

乐动体育南安普顿Comfortable seats

Hako sweepers are claimed to be operated by a maximum of two levers whereas large vacuum sweepers require only the push of a button. All Hako’s ride-on machines are said to offer adjustable seats for a comfortable ride, with suspended seats an option on larger machines. And all operating elements are within easy reach of the driver’s seat, says Serfezi.

乐动体育南安普顿Diversey’s principal global application specialist for robotic machines Paul Martorano agrees that ease of operation is important in the design of any sweeper. “All processes must be efficient and if the operation is too complex, more time could be spent on setting up the machine than on completing the actual cleaning task,” he said. “It could also result in people not wanting to carry out the task in the first place or taking longer to complete it than they should.

”And if a sweeper is too complicated to use it might tempt the operator to look for more appealing options, or even to take dangerous short cuts.”

Customers and end-users are always at the forefront of product design at Diversey, he says. “These are the people who will be spending the most time operating the machine and if they are unwilling to use a sweeper, its design will have failed in its most important function,” he said.

“We always seek feedback from users to improve design and reduce user stress through improved ergonomics, which is at the heart of all our product development.”

According to Martorano an increasing number of customers are switching from pedestrian machines to ride-on models as part of a growing shift towards mechanisation. “Comfort is important in any situation where an operator might have to remain in one position for long periods at a time,” he said.

“And if the operator is uncomfortable this could lead to time off work due to injury as a result of being in a non-ergonomic position.”

乐动体育南安普顿A hydraulic high-dumping system will eliminate the need for the manual disposal of waste, he says. “This can help to reduce the risk of injury and improve productivity,” says Martorano. “And contoured surfaces coupled with adequate leg protection will help to reduce the risk of slipping in outdoor areas or wet conditions.”

Diversey sweepers are said to offer intuitive operating controls within easy reach of the rider so that all functions are accessible whilst driving.

IPC communications manager Gabriella Bianco believes a ride-on sweeper should actually be a pleasure to use. “If the operator is not provided with a comfortable driving seat, they may have to assume an awkward position for which their back will pay the price,” she said. “They will then run the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and shoulder and neck pains which are a common consequence at work.

乐动体育南安普顿“For this reason, providing a comfortable and convenient working position during daily cleaning tasks is a must.”

Simple controls

She says it is also essential that sweepers are easy to use and equipped with straightforward control panels. “The end-user’s experience plays a key role,” she said. “Besides a comfortable
seat for ride-ons there should be adjustable handles for walk-behinds because these ergonomic features will guarantee ease of use and even pleasure when using the sweeper.”

If it is not immediately obvious how to operate a sweeper, the end-user might use it incorrectly – and this could lead to breakdowns, she says. IPC Group’s latest ride-on sweepers feature a front-loading filtering system which is said to offer a high degree of dust and debris control. They are also ergonomic, sturdy and comfortable to use according to Bianco.

“The easier the application, the easier it will be to achieve good results,” she said. “And the simpler it is to use the control panel, the higher the operator’s satisfaction will be.”

The cleaning industry has a typically high turnover of employees who may be assigned different tasks on a daily basis – and this needs to be kept in mind when designing a sweeper, says Kärcher product manager Marian Anton.

Intuitive in use

“Very often there will be a different person using the machine from one day to the next which makes it absolutely mandatory that the sweeper should have an intuitive operation and an easily understandable concept,” he said. “This will guarantee the best cleaning results and prevent any damage to the machine or to the cleaning environment.”

The fact that less training is required for an easy-to-use machine will save both time and costs, he says, while a complex sweeper could result in negative effects.

乐动体育南安普顿“Operating errors can easily occur in situations where there is a rapidly-changing cleaning personnel,” he said. “This could not only lead to damage to the machine, but in a worst-case scenario it could also cause damage to the floor.

“And when a sweeper is too difficult to operate, the user will fail to identify with the machine and this may cause him or her to take less care of the sweeper which could lead to further breakdowns.”

A hard-to-operate machine could be detrimental to productivity and to the ultimate cleaning result, he said. “Only when a machine is adjusted and used correctly will high quality cleaning results and a high degree of productivity be a given,” said Anton.

He adds that ride-on models – particularly small, compact machines – have been gaining in popularity in recent years. “The productivity of a small ride-on sweeper is around a third higher than that of a large walk-behind model, so there is a trend towards ride-on solutions that provide a more comfortable and productive sweeping experience,” he said.

乐动体育南安普顿“This type of machine is also highly agile which makes it more suitable for use in narrow turns and restricted areas. And a ride-on model provides the operator with a high level of motivation to complete the sweeping job due to the ‘fun factor’ which comes with using the machine.”

He says ride-ons are particularly suitable for extended use. “For example, Industrial sweepers tend to be used for complete shifts and operated for many hours in the day,” he said.

乐动体育南安普顿Treat with care

乐动体育南安普顿According to Anton, factors that can make a sweeper easier to operate and more user-friendly include an adjustable steering wheel, safety lights, warning beacons, litter-pickers and vacuum cleaners for cleaning corners and shelves directly  from the operator’s seat. Kärcher’s own KM 150/500 R Industrial models offer seat suspension, comfortable arm rests, a one-switch operation, colour-coding, automatic filter-cleaning and symbols for all operating instructions in order to bridge language barriers.

The end-user is always a highly considered stakeholder when Kärcher designs a new machine, says Anton. “Before releasing any model we create prototypes and put these through several testing phases,” he said. “We are a customer-centric company and we are keen to ensure that every machine is as customer-orientated and as user-friendly as possible.

“Only when there is a high degree of identification on the part of the end-user with the machine can we be sure that a sweeper will be used properly, serviced properly and treated with care.”

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新皇冠体育_社保 Rentokil Initial is the best company to work for in the UK, according to data released by global job site Indeed.

The UK-based pest control and hygiene firm, which serves customers ranging from multinational companies to homeowners, came top of a ranking of Britain's best employers, based on tens of thousands of reviews written by their staff.

Rentokil came top for its job security and advancement, with staff praising how it promotes from within, the good work-life balance and the company's positive culture. In reviews, staff described having high job satisfaction and doing fulfilling work. The 2018 winner, global tech giant Apple, was in second place.

Bill Richards, UK managing director at Indeed comments: "Britain's job creation boom may be easing off, but it's still very much a jobseeker's market - in which companies have to fight hard to attract the staff they need to grow.

"With private sector employers facing stiff competition for the best talent, many companies realise they need to offer more than just an attractive salary. Other factors can be just as important when it comes to wooing good people.

"Reviews posted this year by tens of thousands of employees demonstrate just how much value they put on a good work-life balance and a positive work culture - and how likely they are to research and consider these factors before deciding to apply."

Rentokil Initial ceo Andy Ransom adds:"Being Indeed's top-rated workplace for the private sector is a tribute to the hard work and commitment of our colleagues. We focus on getting it right for our people and in turn they provide a great service to our customers. We'd be the last to claim that we always get it right but we're committed to the long term investment in our people and their progression and development.

乐动体育南安普顿"Our approach is to ensure that we have a culture in place where everyone can develop their career through industry-leading training and be recognised for doing so. In particular, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive working environment for all employees by striving to be an organisation that values everyone's talents and abilities."


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乐动体育章鱼直播_南昌舰正式入列 Washrooms are a vital part of our lives. But could they become more sustainable? Washroom hygiene companies give their views - and ECJ looks at the bigger picture.

乐动体育南安普顿Washrooms are a basic necessity of life. But from a sustainability point of view they can be extremely wasteful.

Around 30 per cent of the water we employ at home is used for flushing the toilet, which means the quantity of water used in public washrooms worldwide – where automatic flush systems are in place and where taps are often left to run unchecked – is incalculably huge.

Public toilets also require energy for heating, lighting and operating hand dryers. And washroom visitors are major consumers of paper in the form of toilet tissue and paper towels.

乐动体育南安普顿So, what are the sustainability issues that need to be addressed in the public washroom? The response from manufacturers tends to reflect their own product portfolios with air dryer companies pointing out the wastefulness of paper; tissue companies referring to the energy burden of air dryers, and pioneers of waterless systems claiming that excess water consumption is the key issue.

But in a way, all of them are right and the use of water, energy and paper all needs to be reduced to achieve a more sustainable washroom. This is certainly the view of senior hand hygiene product manager at CWS Fatima Rose.

Running water

“If sensors are not employed as a restrictive measure, many visitors will leave the water running for too long; they will cover the seat with toilet tissue and they will use more paper towels than is actually necessary,” she said. “The lights are also often left on after people have left.

“Sensors integrated in doors, dispensers and toilets will help to ensure the correct amount of water or product is dispensed. Letting the water run for minutes at a time is no longer necessary:  in high-
traffic washrooms the right tap systems and dispensers will result in enormous savings while maintaining a high degree of hygiene.”

She says smart solutions can help to train the behaviour of washroom visitors, making it easy for them to use only as much as is necessary. The sensor-operated CWS SmartWash system is said to reduce the quantity of water required for each hand wash by up to 90 per cent while cutting soap consumption by up to 60 per cent. CWS also offers cotton towels which is claimed to result in 95 per cent less waste than paper towels.

Managing director of Metsä Mark Dewick agrees that consumption control is a key issue in terms of improving washroom sustainability. “If you ensure the correct amount of tissue is used and wastage is eliminated, this will reduce the amount of product required which will in turn reduce the transport footprint,” he said. ”So it’s a win:win.”

乐动体育南安普顿Dispensing systems can be instrumental in helping to reduce paper consumption, according to Dewick. “The aim is not to limit its use, but to make it harder for visitors to waste the product,” he said. “Paper-breaks in the system will stop rolls from freewheeling while dispensers that give out only one sheet of paper at a time will result in users taking out only what they need. And high volume dispensers will prevent the issue of spare rolls being stolen.

“These things will all help to improve usage patterns while lowering the product‘s footprint.”
He says Katrin washroom systems offer paper in self-presenting sheets to avoid the user having to reach into the dispenser and then grab too much product. “There is also a wheel brake on our toilet roll systems to avoid freewheeling, which again reduces waste,” he said.

Like Metsä, Essity’s policy is to develop solutions that help to reduce consumption according to communications director Reneé Remijnse.

“Our hand towel systems offer one-at-a-time dispensing and our refills are compressed to reduce the CO2 transportation impact,” she said. “For example, our Tork PeakServe bundles are compressed by 50 per cent.”

乐动体育南安普顿Essity has also launched the Tork PaperCircle scheme whereby customers’ used paper hand towels are collected and taken to local mills for recycling into new tissue products. According to Remijnse this can help businesses go circular, reducing their carbon emissions from paper towels by 40 per cent and cutting the waste produced from towels by 20 per cent.

Educating washroom users

“This is a one-of-a-kind recycling service and after successful pilots with partners in Germany and the Netherlands, we are now offering Tork PaperCircle in more European markets,” she said.

Another way in which sustainability can be improved is by educating washroom visitors, she says. “Providing good communication on how they can contribute to the environment by taking fewer towels, turning off taps, etc will help to improve sustainability,” she said. “And of course automatic light switches, water saving systems and sensor taps will contribute.”

Washrooms face multiple eco challenges according to Airdri marketing manager Trudi Osborne. “These include the over-use of water, paper towel wastage and the energy consumption of hand dryers,” she said. “This is why sustainability should be at the heart of any procurement decision.”

乐动体育南安普顿When it comes to hand dryers there are two sustainability factors to consider, she says: energy efficiency and lifespan. “Investing in a hand dryer that will go the distance while keeping running costs to a minimum is key,” she said. “Hand dryers need energy to power them but there are many on the market that consume fewer than 1,000 watts.” She says the Airdri Quazar and the Airdri Quantum both require particularly low levels of energy.

Excessive water consumption is today’s most urgent sustainability issue according to WhiffAway Group’s finance and marketing manager Georgina McLean.

“In developed countries, urinal flushing accounts for up to 18 per cent of total water consumption and each standard urinal flush wastes an average of 157,000 litres of water a year,” she said.
McLean claims the company’s Water Warrior technology takes flushing levels down to zero.

乐动体育南安普顿“Environmental savings are therefore achieved from day one and our waterless urinals can be retro-fitted to existing facilities,” she said. The system is also said to save energy since no water-pumping is required.

乐动体育南安普顿Water, energy and consumables can all be used far too liberally in the washroom says Nikki Phillips, divisional manager washrooms and waste management of the AM Services Group. “The washroom is an area where commercial organisations can really support sustainability, adding value to the business while also making savings,” she said. “However, it is often the area most overlooked by the people managing the facilities.”

Supporting customers

She says the water used in toilets, urinals and basins can account for up to 90 per cent of a company’s water consumption whereas only one per cent is used for cleaning. “This is clearly an area where service providers should be supporting customers with advice on water and urinal flush management systems along with other water-reducing products,” she said.

AM Services’ Sensaflush urinal flush management system is said to control water usage by intuitively regulating the frequency of flushing, while its ES50 Water Management System uses pre-set functions to allow companies to control the number of times a day urinals are flushed.

乐动体育南安普顿Intuitive hand towel dispensers and sheet-by-sheet toilet roll dispensers will both help to reduce consumption, she says. “Jumbo toilet rolls and larger soap dispenser refills will also last longer and reduce the amount of transport and packaging required,” said Phillips.

“It is important that clients, suppliers and service providers all recognise they need to work together to educate each other and end-users, pooling ideas and innovations and establishing the washroom as a central focus for making positive changes to reduce environmental impact.”

Managing director of Cromwell Polythene James Lee claims there should be no trade-off between effective products and sustainability in the washroom. “Sustainability is a central part of most facilities’ management strategies, encompassing reduced energy and water use along with increased recycling rates,” he said. “So it is important to choose responsibly sourced materials with the lowest
carbon footprint.”

The company’s LowCO2t refuse sacks and washroom bin liners have been designed to use minimal resources and incorporate a lower volume of plastic.

乐动体育南安普顿Small changes can make all the difference to a washroom’s sustainability, according to Sofidel’s AFH business director Alessandro Antonelli. “In our view, the key sustainability issues that need to be addressed in public toilets include the optimisation of dispensing systems to reduce waste and the reduction in the frequency of replacing rolls;” he said. Sofidel’s Full Tech dispensing system is said to provide a long-lasting supply of paper since each refill contains the equivalent of up to 14 conventional rolls.

So commentators agree that a reduction in paper consumption; an efficient use of energy and innovative water-saving systems will all help to reduce the environmental footprint of our washrooms. But these moves are arguably the tip of the iceberg when looking at the bigger picture.

Over the past eight years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested more than $200 million in reinventing the humble loo to improve sustainability worldwide while providing much-needed sanitation in areas of developing countries.

Reducing impact

The foundation’s latest toilet innovations are capable of purifying water waste and turning solids into fertilisers. They will operate off the grid without the need for any piped-in water, a sewer connection or outside electricity source and they cost less than $0.5 per day to operate. And some of the current prototypes are either solar-powered or generate their own energy mechanically.

乐动体育南安普顿has also invested heavily in grants for a company called Tiger Toilets which has come up with a loo that requires no traditional flushing or sewer hook-up. Instead, it uses faeces-eating worms that consume human waste and leave behind a mix of water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of nutrient-rich compost.

These are exciting new moves that are all designed to reduce the environmental impact of the washroom on a global scale while increasing the percentage of the population with access to toilets. But while looking to the future is crucial, it is also vitally important that manufacturers and businesses continue to do whatever they can to save precious resources in the washrooms of the present.

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球探体育比分_中国男排0:3伊朗 乐动体育南安普顿New from InnuScience is an Internet of Things (IoT) based product monitoring system. Called Connected Cleaning, the systems works by monitoring cleaning agent usage which is then reported monthly against the budget per site.

乐动体育南安普顿InnuScience specialises in cleaning solutions based on biotechnology - fermentation extracts, enzymes and microbes - that achieve the same results as chemical alternatives.

With Connected Cleaning, a router integrated into the dispensing equipment communicates product usage data back to the company via Wi-Fi or 4G. InnuScience can then issue simple customer reports in a traffic light format, indicating if product usage is in line with budget. The system can also
flag up other metrics such as usage diagnostics and empty product warnings.

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乐动体育公司_特朗普再警告伊朗 From Germany, Katja Scholz reports on an initiative designed to attract young talent to cleaning.

乐动体育南安普顿The National Association of Contract Cleaners (BIV) is faced with a highly competitive market in trying to attract young trainees to the profession. “We would specifically like to target young people and give them an understanding of the contract cleaning business. With this in mind, we need to reach out to them where they feel most at home”, explains Christopher Lück, BIV director of policy and communication. “And today this clearly means primarily on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.”

In competing for the skilled workers of tomorrow, the BIV is quite literally taking up the “fight” for young trainees which is currently prevailing on the employment market. It has produced a social media clip with the revealing title “Are you ready for a dragon fight?” and uses it to demonstrate how important it is for the contract cleaning sector to focus on interested young people at the earliest opportunity.

乐动体育南安普顿The setting for the social media clip is an adventure playground in Germany’s capital city Berlin.  Those watching see smoke rising, water spraying, heavy equipment and young people in protective clothing. They are engaged in cleaning a dragon sculpture made of various materials ranging from stone and tiles to papier mâché – with teamwork and a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

“The dragon sculpture in the Berlin-Wilmersdorf playground has been created by an anonymous artist. This seemed to us to be the perfect object for demonstrating the multi-faceted challenges which contract cleaners of the future will encounter in their profession, because the materials to be cleaned and the range of equipment and techniques are as varied as the profession itself,” explains Lück.

Trainees who would like to experience constantly changing workplaces such as glass facades of buildings, exhibition spaces in museums, spectator seating areas in stadiums or the demanding environment of operating theatres will gain comprehensive knowledge of the type and nature of buildings, building components and surfaces in addition to chemical relationships and materials.  They will also learn how to use various types of machinery and techniques and how to carry out sustainable cleaning processes.

乐动体育南安普顿“Sensors, automation and co-robotics will also play a greater role in future – which makes the sector attractive to the tech-savvy target groups.”

乐动体育南安普顿Training in the skilled trade with the largest workforce in Germany – the contract cleaning sector – gives access to a multi-faceted and varied working environment but also excellent future prospects with good earning potential. Following completion of their initial training, skilled workers of the future will have numerous opportunities for further training, for example as a Master Craftsman or to study for a degree in cleaning and hygiene management/technology.

乐动体育南安普顿Potential earnings in the sector are also equally attractive at the moment: standard wages have been increasing for years, along with payment rates for trainees: apprentices throughout the country in their third year of training will receive €1,050 per month from the beginning of next year.   The starting salary for those who have completed their apprenticeship varies from state to state but can often exceed €2,500.

But back to the dragon fight in the Berlin adventure playground: “The video has been online since September and can be seen on all social media platforms. The first reactions have been positive and show we are reaching the future trainees and upcoming skilled workers of tomorrow”, concluded Christopher Lück.

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乐动体育推荐_南昌舰正式入列 乐动体育南安普顿P-Wave has launched a new fragrance diffuser range under its recently created PW-Aroma brand - Scentaura.

Scentaura and Scentaura BT units have three scent diffusion levels, delivering coverage up to 200 cubic metres. The standard Scentaura unit is controlled via a panel below the front cover, while the Scentaura BT adds bluetooth control and advanced programming via a smartphone or tablet.

Available in black or white, the Scentaura and Scentaura BT fragrance diffusers can be mounted on walls or flat surfaces. The 50 ml Aroma cartridges are effective for up to 90 days.

乐动体育南安普顿Completing the range is the Scentaura Max 1200 which has coverage of up to 1200 cubic metres. Available in three colours (white, claret and black) and two sizes, 630 mm tall and 420 mm tall, this unit features a digital display with 24-hour operation. It includes fully adjustable start/stop, diffusion and stand-by intervals as well as a weekend on/off function.

Mon, 16 Dec 2019 00:00:00 +0000 http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/pwave-scentaura-aroma-diffuser http://mindtechcom.com/magazine/articles/latest-news/pwave-scentaura-aroma-diffuser
乐动体育进球红包_走失女大学生遇难 What are the risks involved to the operator when carrying out high pressure cleaning? And how much training is needed to ensure that it can be achieved as safely as possible? Ann Laffeaty assesses the role of the operator in any high pressure cleaning task.

High pressure cleaning is a highly effective method of removing hard-to-shift substances from a range of surfaces, often using water alone. It is a versatile, accurate and efficient means of cleaning and one that can greatly facilitate difficult tasks such as removing graffiti from walls and washing away concrete from surfaces.

乐动体育南安普顿But high pressure cleaning also poses risks. For example, operators may struggle with the high levels of noise and vibrations that are sometimes associated with this form of cleaning. They could also sustain an injury from an uncontrolled hose striking the body, or suffer from muscular issues from the strain of holding the hose in a fixed position for long periods at a time.

And if the operator’s skin is punctured by a jet of fluid under pressure this could cause a serious hydraulic fluid injection injury. This type of injury is characterised by very small entrance wounds and no exit wounds. This means the water penetrates deep into the tissues, potentially bringing with it debris and bacteria from the cleaning process.

乐动体育南安普顿And this could cause serious infections leading to long-term disability and potentially even the loss of limbs or death. So, how do manufacturers ensure that their equipment is as safe as possible?

Specific training needs to be provided for professional operators according to IPC communications manager Gabriella Bianco. “Domestic high pressure washers are so easy to use that the manual included within the package is usually a sufficient means of instruction,” she said. “But professional models on the other hand need to be bigger and more powerful in order to cope with industrial applications. So the user should be given an appropriate introduction to them.”

She says operators need to be informed of the importance of protective clothing when using high pressure cleaning equipment to avoid the risk of injury. “This equipment should include adequate shoes, comfortable clothing and easy-to-use gloves,” says Bianco. “It’s a question of safety first.”
She adds that noise levels emanating from the motor pump plus the sound of the jetting water can often be excessive when a machine is in operation.

乐动体育南安普顿“Operators could therefore benefit from some form of hearing protection when using high pressure washers, particularly when carrying out industrial applications,” she said.

乐动体育南安普顿IPC offers Multifunction Safety Control technology in some models which automatically shuts down the machine after a period of inactivity. Meanwhile, the company’s Micro Leakage Control system is designed to detect any dangerous leaks in the hydraulic circuit and close the machine down if any such leak occurs.

乐动体育南安普顿The fact high pressure cleaners are powerful machines means that there are always risks involved for the operator according to Dibo managing director Arno van den Borne.

乐动体育南安普顿Limiting risks

“A safe and ergonomically-designed machine made from high quality materials coupled with proper operator training and protective clothing will all help to limit those risks,” he said.

Dibo carries out a risk analysis for all its machines and provides operator training along with manuals featuring clear safety instructions. “We also advise every user to take responsibility for his or her own personal protection and we indicate in our manuals and courses what the maximum vibration levels should be,” he said.

“However, those maximum levels will rarely be reached. And if there is even the slightest possibility that these values may be exceeded it is clearly stated in our manuals that a recommended number of working hours will be set and respected.”

Easy to operate

According to van den Borne it is important to ensure high pressure cleaning equipment is easy and comfortable to operate. “All our high pressure cleaners are user-friendly and have simple and clear operation,” he said. “And in fact even our most complex machines – high pressure cleaners on a trailer - are equipped with intuitive and self-explanatory instructions.”

Operational errors are almost unprecedented, he claims. “This is because a fully automatic safety and control system is always running constantly in the background,” says van den Borne. “In this way the high pressure cleaner is continuously being monitored while in operation.  And in
乐动体育南安普顿the case of any malfunction it will switch itself off and indicate where the malfunction is located.”

Dibo machines feature an emergency switch, an automatic start/stop system and an ergonomic handle, he says. “And our heaviest machines - our high pressure cleaners on a trailer - are equipped with a graphic digital display and can be easily operated by a joystick, even when wearing gloves,” he said.

Kärcher’s high pressure cleaning product manager Benjamin Weiss says it is crucial to have a skilled and committed labour force in place when carrying out high pressure applications. “Cleaning performance will depend on various parameters such as pressure, water flow, temperature and detergents,” he said.

“Carrying out the task correctly requires experience because the operator needs to choose the right nozzle for the task – whether it is a flat or rotary jet nozzle, for example -  and then clean from the correct distance to avoid any damage to the surface.”

乐动体育南安普顿He says all training should take the form of practical experience. “Operators can learn the theory and basics of high pressure cleaning virtually, but it is very different when one actually comes to clean,” he said. “There is always a ‘wow effect’ for inexperienced users when working with a high pressure cleaner for the first time.”

One of the most common risks to high pressure cleaning operators is that of muscle stress to the fingers and arm when holding a trigger gun open, says Weiss. Kärcher machines offer an Easy!Force trigger gun to reduce the level of muscle stress.

乐动体育南安普顿Vibration levels are a risk factor but are heavily regulated these days, says Weiss. “Vibration levels will depend on the machine’s performance, the type of nozzle used and the intensity of usage but the target is below 2.5 m/s² hand-arm vibrations,” he said. “Over that value there are limitations as to how long the operator should work with the system.”

乐动体育南安普顿And he adds that it is important to ensure all high pressure cleaning equipment is easy and comfortable to operate. “Labour protection laws are in place to protect users during physically demanding activities such as high pressure cleaning,” he said. “And in the future, companies must disclose the workload required and offer compensation to employees whether this is in the form of money, breaks or early retirement.”

Kärcher machines are said to be easy to operate and require the use of just one main switch for on/off and temperature adjustment.

乐动体育南安普顿Serious accidents

Despite the best efforts of manufacturers, serious accidents do sometimes occur in the high pressure cleaning industry. In August 2017 a drainage operative was killed in Canada when he was struck on the neck by a water jet. The system had not been fitted with an automatic shut-off device and the contractor was fined the equivalent of €99,000.

乐动体育南安普顿Some countries promote recommended safety guidelines that are published by professional bodies in an effort to keep high pressure cleaning operators safe. For example, the SIR organisation In Belgium and the Netherlands offers training courses for working with high pressure cleaners of less than 250 bar. And medical research commissioned by the UK’s Water Jetting Association led to the publication in July this year of a comprehensive set of guidelines aimed at avoiding high pressure fluid injection injuries.

The guidance aims to transform the current emergency medical response to water jet injuries and greatly reduce the risk of death, long-term disability or prolonged periods of recovery.

But in order to make high pressure cleaning safer still, could it ever be automated? Some degree of automation already exists according to Dibo’s Arno van den Borne. “However, this is only found in specific production processes where the same cleaning tasks are constantly being repeated,” he said.

乐动体育南安普顿“And we do build custom-made cleaning installations for the food and pharmaceutical industries. However, other cleaning applications are too diverse to be automated and they all require their own special approach.”

乐动体育南安普顿The nature of the task in hand makes automation a major challenge for the high pressure industry, adds Kärcher’s Benjamin Weiss. “High pressure cleaning applications are more complex than vacuums or scrubber dryers because you are cleaning 3D objects rather than a 2D floor,” he said.

“Having said that, automated high pressure cleaning is already being used in gantry car washes. But for mobile, functional and affordable high pressure cleaning, robots are still a long way off.”

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